- It's A Mouthful - released: March 18th 2016

Recorded at Music A Matic studios in February 2015

Produced by Chips Kiesbye & mixed by Henryk Lipp

All songs written by C.Ek / R.Majd / S.Björklund

Format: CD, digital and vinyl (limited edition)

Label: Perris Records

1. Divided Feelings

2. Take Me To The City

3. She's The One

4. Tearin' Me Apart

5. Far Gone

6. All I Need

7. Mouthful Of Love

8. When It's Love

9. Something She Said

10. Coast To Coast

11. Falling (Dave Grohl-tribute)


"Songs work around catchy riffs, good fluid soloing and group harmonies..." Fireworks Magazine

"It's very melodic, in a way that makes you happy."

Sweden Rock Magazine





- Before Plastic - released: May 23rd 2014

Recorded at Ghost Ward studios in 2013

Produced by Captain Black Beard

Engineered & mastered by David Castillo

All songs written by S.Björklund / R.Majd

Label: Dead End Exit Records

Guest lead guitarists: Bruce Kulick & Mats Karlsson


1. Please Come Home

2. Somebody

3. New York City

4. Bad Girl

5. Music Man

6. Aiming For Love

7. Keep On Drivin´

8. Shout

9. Life's What You Make It

10. Takin´ You Out

11. Listen Up


"Ill-mannered and charming hitseeking rock like it was made by KISS, Billy Idol and Pat Benatar - together and in their prime." Sweden Rock Magazine





- Captain Black Beard - released: May 28th 2011

Recorded at Ghost Ward, March-April 2011

Engineered, mixed & mastered by David Castillo

All songs written by Captain Black Beard

Format: CD & digital (independent release)

1. Hey Man

2. Don't Turn Your Back On Love

3. Rock Is My Life

4. American Dream

5. Concrete Jungle

6. Ex-Convict

7. No Worries

8. Summer Nights

9. True Love

10. Rock Bottom

11. Rockin´ Body


"Each of the 11 songs on their self-titled debut is mightily memorable..."

Geoff Barton

"...nothing that comes even close to being a makeweight."

Fireworks Magazine




- Made In Sweden - released: March 2014


Presented with Sweden Rock Magazine. A compilation EP of songs from the first album and one previously unreleased live version of "New York City" recorded in Stockholm, 2012.

1. Don't Turn Your Back On Love

2. Hey Man

3. Rock Is My Life

4. Rockin´ Body

5. New York City (live)





"Rock Is My Life" - Digital release only (April 2011)

Slightly different mix and longer version than the one that appears on later releases.


Silk + Steel - 15 brilliant new melodic rock tracks

(Presented with Classic Rock presents AOR issue 6, feat. "Rock Is My Life")

Fireworks - The Melodic Rock Magazine

(Presented with Fireworks issue 50, feat. "Don't Turn Your Back On Love")



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