From our latest album "It's A Mouthful", here's Divided Feelings (by 11 Frames);


Here's the three music videos from the album "Before Plastic"; Aiming For Love, Bad Girl and Somebody. All were made by the 11 Frames Productions. For more videos go to our channel:












Said about "Before Plastic":

"Best Swedish rock album this year!" Andréas Ek, DistFM

"Captain Black Beard are back with their sophomore release, 'Before Plastic', and it's simply amazing. The album is full of upbeat, infectious rock anthems that the band's energy and obvious enthusiasm make very hard to resist." Dedicated Rocker Society

"Captain Black Beard prove they’re not a one-hit-wonder..." Hard Rock Haven

"...delivering the hard rocking goods with plenty of catchy rockin’ elegance." Über Rock

"Old school riffs and solos that moves you and clean melodic vocals." Queens Of Steel

"...every song is spot on in terms of ‘all killer' hooks and retainable melodies/ choruses." Eternal Terror


Said about "Captain Black Beard":

"I predict a bright future for Captain Black Beard..." Classic Rock

"...grab the listener and get feet tapping and hands clapping." Hard Rock Haven

" just doesn’t slow down with the bitchin’ tunes..." May The Rock Be With You

" utter joy to listen to from beginning to end." Rocktopia

"From opener 'Hey Man', you'll be hooked and will be singing along in no time." Black Velvet Magazine

"Pure melodic hard rock bliss..." Heavy Paradise

"...catchy choruses, fast paced melodic rock music with a high level of energy."

"...energetic, high tempo, quality melodic rock..." Über Röck

"...there really isn’t a weak song on the album." Metal Discovery

"I really haven't heard good old fashioned Hard Rock like this in ages." Sea of Tranquility

"...sounds good and is no-frills fun."

"High octane major scale straight ahead hard rock ‘n roll." Stark Music Reviews

"...the band has all the right elements..." Rock Eyez

"...clever and interesting arrangments..." Time Machine Music

"This is probably the kind of album I shouldn't like, but I do..." Hard Rock Info

"...worth keeping your eyes open for in the near future." Strutter Magazine

"... you’re in for a treat." Metal Believe

"...great tunes played with panache and oomph and a sheer likeability..." 100% Rock Magazine


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